CURRENTLY: New York City, NY

About the Project

Around the America in 2.0 is an Internet-based film project created to explore trust and connectivity. The primary objective of the project is to rely on users of video sharing websites, such as YouTube and, for food, shelter, and transportation during a trip around the United States.

On July 16th of 2007, a brief video clip was spread throughout the Internet community asking viewers to transport a young reporter named Matt Danzico from one online user and community to the next across the entire country within a period of 80 days.

During the trip, which will tentatively begin September 15th of 2007, Matt will create a daily online television program airing documenting both his experiences as well as those of the volunteers participating in the experiment.

The Who

Matthew Danzico, a strapping young lad hailing from New York City, is a graduate of American University and a reporter/researcher for a foreign newspaper. He has lived in the Czech Republic, Japan, and has a dog named Mister Thelonious Monk.


Danzico is a fan of skateboarding, photography, Brooklyn Lager, and understanding how free access to information and education can positively affect communities.

The What

At its foundation, this is an experiment about human interaction and whether relationships formed on digital platforms can transcend into the physical world. The project, seeks to answers to three questions:

1. What level of trust can be carried from social networking and video sharing platforms to the physical world? Are digital relationships condemned to a life on the Internet?

2. Is a cultural flattening phenomenon occurring among America’s youth?. (i.e., Is Joe Brooklyn really that different from Michael Wyoming?) If so, has Web 2.0 contributed to it and how?

3. And, the basic question: will people give their time, money, and effort just to connect with a person they only know digitally? Meaning, are online users actually interested in meeting the individuals that contribute to the deluge of profiles and video clips that comprise Web 2.0 or is their interest founded in the safety of anonymity and geographic separation?

The When

The video clip containing the initial request for viewer participation was posted on July 16th of 2007. Departure is tentatively scheduled for September 15th of 2007.


Click on the map above to see when I’ll be near you!

The Where

Beginning in Coney Island, New York City, the entire United States. Where specifically? It depends upon you. Have something interesting to say, do, or show Matt. Are you’re willing to feed, house, and transport him? If so, he’s down. Email us, and he’ll be there.

We’re serious.

The Why

Good question.

Well, the aim is to not only create a relatively popular Internet television program, but through this project we also hope to disprove the notion of a lack of trustworthiness amongst America’s Internet community. We here at Around America in 2.0 strongly feel that the news media’s insistent concentration on negative aspects of American society has had a substantial affect on Americans’ perceptions of each other, not to mention the rest of the world’s perception of Americans.

Sounds profound, doesn’t it? It’s really not. When it comes down to it, Matt just wants to have a little fun and prove that the world isn’t as scary of a place as some think it is. People are just people, and we believe most people are great–especially if they like skateboarding, dogs, or Brooklyn Lager.

The How

It’s easier than you think. Just send us an email with your age, sex, location, in the subject heading and tell us a little about yourself. We’re just trying to get in touch with every type of person out there. We hope participants are able to show Matt something interesting, fun, or quirky about themselves. So, briefly tell us what you’ll be saying, doing, or showing Matt if you pick him up.

*Safety: Despite our altruistic view, we do realize that there is concern for safety with this trip we must consider. All we’ll say is that simple but very effective precautionary measures have been put in place to prevent any harm.

Copyright 2007 by Matthew Danzico. All rights reserved.