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Now, those are some nice lookin’ mannequins!

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I’m attempting to tape my entire day in order to get a sense of what it would be like while on the road. It’s a lot tougher than I initially expected. My arms are simply physically rejecting the idea of holding 2 pounds of plastic up to my face for long periods of time. I tried having a pep talk with them earlier, but that doesn’t seem to have worked. Plus, on top of that, today is one of my least politically correct work days I’ve had.

I’m doing a story on Macy’s. I went to the store on 34th Street and was chased by their male cologne clerks, while trying to do a composite a story on their homosexual mannequins. No joke. It sounds so strange to write that, but that’s what we’re doing a story on - Macy’s homosexual mannequins. Apparently Macy’s is sponsoring New York’s gay pride parade. So, in collaboration with the event, they have positioned exquisitely clad male mannequins in effeminate stances on 34th street. How strange.

All in all, I think I need a new strategy.

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  1. Matt!!!! What’s up man, long time no talk since DC. I heard about this from Geoff. Cool idea. I’m so glad to hear you’ve entered the world of ART. Drop me a line sometime.

    Posted by Ned on 25 January 2009 at 3:00 pm

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